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Srimathe Ramanujaya namaha

Sri.Manavala maamuni's thirunakshatram celebration in Bahrain from 18th Oct to 1st Nov 2000

Dear Sri vaishnavas around the globe,

adiyen's pranamams.

adieyn is glad to inform all of you that our Srivaishnava Satsangh has celebrated Swami's thirunakshatram starting 18th October and we had a grand finale yesterday (1.11.2000) aippasi moolam the thirunakshatram day of Sri.Manavala maamuni.

This year's celebration was due to excellent efforts taken by Sri.Maharabooshanam Sadagopan from Then thirupperai divya desam (Azhvar nava thiruppathi). Born in this divya desam to a great srivaishnava and Prabandham adyapaka Sri.Sadagopan is working hard in organising this event and indeed it is a great kaimkaryam. Sri.Sadagopan has suggested that we should recite entire thiruvaymozhi,iramanusa noorandhadhi, Thiruvaymozhi noorandhadhi,upadesa ratnamalai and iyal sarru in five sittings. On 20 th Oct,Friday we had a marathon sitting lasting for four and half hours and around 500 pasurams were recited in that time. Altough it was tiring to sit at one place (on floor) for such a long time the chrous recitation of Thiruvaymozhi was heart melting. BTW, now our goshti is with twenty dedicated families.

On Nov 1st the parayanam started at 7.30PM. Although the thirunakshatram has fallen on a week day the goshti was in full attendence and every one was enthusiatic about the event. The goshti took place at the residence of Sri.Ramanujam a great srivaishnava from Karappangkadu near Pattukkottai, in Thanjavour district. This small village has a beautiful PerumaL koil and still today the kovil utsavams and Prabandha,Veda parayanams are going on very well.

We have recited the last twenty pasurams of tenth decad( Namaazhvar moksham), iramanusa noorandhadhi and Upadesa ratnamalai. Then we had a long special sarrumurai with verses from Thiruvay mozhi ( ulagam unda peruvaayaa, Kangulum pagalum, last two verses of thiruvaymozhi) Thiruvaay mozhi noorandhadhi, iramanusa noorandhadhi, upadesa ratnamalai,iyal sarru, sarrumurai of both sampradayams, Vaazhi thirunamam of Perumal, Thayar, senai mudhaliyar,nammazhvar,Bhagavad ramanuja and Sri.Manavala maamuni and concluded with ThirunaaL pattu for swami and mangala slokam. The event came to end by 10PM. Then delcious prasadams were served to all the devotees and the evening was indeed memorable. Here are few images taken during the occasion.

Sri Manavala maamuni

Image of Sri Manavala maamuni

Prabanda goshti part view

Part view of Prabandha parayana goshti

This celebration has given opportunity for us to make soft copy of upadesa ratnamalai and to parse the Sri Manavala maamuni's prabandhams. Our soecial thanks to Sri.Velukkudi Krishnan who has patiently gone through our work and provided the required feed back. You are welcome to use the electronic texts of thiruvaymozhi noorandhadhi and upadesa ratranmalai which were prepared by our bharain devotees.Use the MS WORD document and read the prabandhams in Adhawin.


adiyen ramanuja dasan,

Posted on 2nd Nov  2000

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